Three Reasons to Sign a Health Care Power of Attorney

Posted on : July 24, 2018, By:  George Dillon
Three Reasons to Sign a Health Care Power of Attorney

Josie held strong beliefs about medical treatment. She knew what she wanted and did not want. However, when she sustained serious brain injuries in an auto accident, Josie lost the ability to communicate. Her family struggled to decide how to handle her medical care. Her doctors received mixed signals from her loved ones. If Josie had understood three reasons to sign a health care power of attorney, this chaotic situation could have been avoided.

Your Beliefs Will Be Understood and Respected

We hope it never happens, but sometimes it does. People may lose the ability to speak or communicate due to illness or injuries. It’s critical, then, that you include a health care power of attorney as part of your estate plan.

A health care power of attorney may also be known as an Advance Directive for Health Care. This document allows you to authorize an agent known as a health care proxy to act for you if the time comes. Your health care proxy should know and understand your beliefs. One of the agent’s duties is to abide by your wishes whenever possible.

Your Family Can Have Some Peace of Mind

It’s already a stressful time. Why make it harder?

Your health care power of attorney may save your family from having to make tough decisions. After all, they may not even know what you want. Your estate planning documents, including this one, are your voice. Use it well.

Your Doctors Have Immediate Guidance

During a crisis, the doctors may be allowed to act as they feel best. At some point, however, they may need to know how you want to handle the situation. If you can’t communicate, what then?

Your family may actually have to go to court to make medical decisions for you. This should not delay any emergency treatment you need. However, it’s pain on top of pain on top of pain. Going to court is time consuming and expensive. Also, what if your family members disagree about who should talk to the doctors. Even worse, what if they disagree about your treatment.

It happens.

And it can get ugly.

Spare your family by making plans before anything happens. Even if your health care proxy never has to make a single decision, it’s still money well spent.

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