Stuff DIY Estate Planning Can’t Do

Posted on : August 20, 2018, By:  George Dillon
Stuff DIY Estate Planning Can't Do

Millions of dollars are spent every year on do-it-yourself projects. In fact, there are large stores and websites devoted to meeting the needs of people who enjoy everything from painting to landscaping to building furniture. However, often DIY projects don’t quite turn out as expected. Sometimes it’s because the people doing them don’t have the training and experienced needed to get it right. For example, with estate planning, there’s stuff DIY estate planning can’t do.

Estate Planning Q & A Time

Estate planning attorneys need to know the big picture. When a client visits, they ask questions about their family, their assets, and their goals. They then use that information to decide which estate planning tools are right for the job.

Example: Tom and Lynn have been married for 10 years. It’s a second marriage for both. Not only do they have a child together, Lynn has children from a previous relationship. Their estate planning lawyer may ask questions about their family structure. Their goals are also important. Will they leave their estate equally to all the children? Do they need to set up any trusts? Is one spouse wealthier than the other?  The answers to the attorney’s questions help the attorney know which estate planning strategies are best for this family.

Analyze This Estate Planning

A website lacks the ability to provide deep analysis for many of life’s circumstances. On the other hand, an experienced Virginia estate planning lawyer can take a client’s goals and needs to formulate the best estate planning solutions.

Example: A 42-year-old divorced woman with two children, a successful accounting firm, and an up-and-coming racehorse knew she needed to finally tackle her estate planning. On the surface, Gloria knows she needs the basics: a Will, a durable power of attorney, and an advance health care directive. However, she may need advanced estate planning. A website may not understand the importance of Gloria’s circumstances. She needs a living, breathing attorney to assess her estate planning goals.

Let’s Get Personal About Estate Planning

An attorney can provide real life, face-to-face service. More importantly, though, an attorney can get a feel for how a client feels and adjust their advice if necessary.

Example: Attorney A meets with a client, Mark B., who needs a simple estate plan. Another of Attorney A’s clients, Mike N., also seems to need a simple estate plan. However, as the attorney speaks with Mike N., he notices Mike is uncomfortable when talking about his youngest son. He digs a little deeper with Mike N. and learns that the youngest son has money problems. In addition, the son has also had a drug problem in the past. Attorney A realizes that Mike N.’s estate plan is not going to be so simple. Instead, Mike N. may need to set up a trust to protect his son’s inheritance.

Learn More About Your Estate Planning Options

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