What Do a Parachute and Your Estate Plan Have in Common?

Posted on : December 30, 2017, By:  George Dillon

When do we use a parachute? When we need it, of course! And the time to think about putting on the parachute is not when you get halfway to the ground. You need to put it on before you leave the ground, anticipating the moment when your feet leave the plane and you’re hurtling toward […]

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What to Look for in a Qualified Virginia Estate Planning Lawyer

Posted on : December 29, 2017, By:  George Dillon

Every adult needs to prepare an estate plan. Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” If you don’t have a Will or your Will is out-of-date, you need the services of a qualified Virginia estate planning lawyer. But not every attorney specializes in developing estate plans for their clients. […]

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Do I Really Need a Living Will?

Posted on : December 27, 2017, By:  George Dillon

You may have heard of Living Wills and wondered if you really need one. A Living Will is not actually a traditional Will that concerns itself with property and assets. Instead, it provides crucial information to doctors, specifically what type of end-of-life treatments an incapacitated person wants or does not want. Some History Behind the […]

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Asset Protection for Young Professionals

Posted on : December 25, 2017, By:  George Dillon

When people think asset protection – if they think of asset protection –they assume it’s something only wealthy people need. Others think it’s just a way of hiding assets from creditors. False. There are many reasons to safeguard your finances or property. Young professionals, especially those employed in high-risk careers, need to consider using asset […]

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Avoid the High Cost of Poor Estate Planning

Posted on : December 23, 2017, By:  George Dillon

Talking about death isn’t fun. And most people think estate planning is expensive and only for rich people. There are many excuses to avoid preparing a Will and other estate planning documents. It’s almost worse, though, to use an inexperienced lawyer or a website that provides do-it-yourself forms. The money saved by skimping on estate […]

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Forming a Virginia Non-Profit

Posted on : December 22, 2017, By:  George Dillon

Sometimes a group of dedicated individuals can really make a difference. Habitat for Humanity, the ASPCA, and the American Cancer Society are examples of non-profit organizations that provide valuable care to those in need. Just as the name says, a non-profit does not pay its members, but instead pours money back into the organization. If […]

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Electronic Wills and Virginia Law

Posted on : December 20, 2017, By:  George Dillon

In the not-too-distant past, paper documents were the way to go. Everything was printed in black and white or completed by hand. Now, as our world becomes more digital, it’s more common, almost required, for our documents to be done completely online. We can often sign document electronically, without being physically present. In this overwhelmingly […]

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From Minors to Grandma: Estate Planning for All Ages

Posted on : December 18, 2017, By:  George Dillon

The average lifespan of a human being encompasses several stages of development, from infancy to late adulthood. Our physical and emotional needs change as we age and move through the stages, and our plans adapt also. People of all ages, from babies to grandparents, benefit from estate planning that remains current with their life events. […]

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Tips for Legally Avoiding Probate

Posted on : December 16, 2017, By:  George Dillon

There are things in life that people just really want to avoid. Some are obvious. We don’t want to get sick, so we exercise, get flu shots, and use vitamins and supplements. Runners stretch before starting to exercise because they hope to avoid injuries. And people stay under the speed limit because they hate the […]

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The Marriage of Business and Estate Planning

Posted on : December 15, 2017, By:  George Dillon

When most people think of estate planning – if they think of estate planning – they think of it as a purely personal thing. It involves personal property and your loved ones, after all. For business owners, however, there’s a fusion of business interests and personal interests. There’s kind of a marriage between their business […]

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